When Can Load New Fresh Onion

When Can Load New Fresh Onion

Apr 15, 2019

  • Onions in the Chinese market are very hot in 2018 year. It is the last season of onions in Gansu, Shandong and other places. The old onions have sprouted. The voyage of onions has been suspended, and the near oceans (such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, etc.) can also be exported, but it is recommended that buyers must control the temperature and sell it within a week. The photos of old onion are as folllow for your reference:

  • In 2019, Yunnan's new onions have been on the market. But Yunnan onions, the quality is average, and the onion skin is very thin, it is easy to bruise and crush during transportation. Due to the small amount, Yunnan onions are expensive. Many buyers cannot accept such high prices. Onions in other regions will be available in May. If you want to buy onions, our company(Jining Fuyuan Fruits and VegetablesCo.,Ltd) is a good choice.

  • Our company has been this line more than 13years, we are very familimer with the different market requirtments,And specialzied in supplying and exporting fresh fruits and vegetables. We can supplyiing Fresh Garlic,peeled garlic ,Air Dried Ginger,Fresh Chestnut,Fresh Carrot,Fresh Potato,taro,onion ,Peeled Onion,and we also supplying fruits,such as fuji apple, huaniu apple,Ya Pear,babay mandrian,Red Grape,pomelo and etc.

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